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Famous Musician Randy Owen of Alabama Receives HIFU Treatment from Dr. Wheeler

Randy OwenRandy Owen, famous lead singer and principal songwriter for the Country Music Hall of Fame members Alabama, told attendees at his annual fan club party in Ft. Payne, Alabama last week that earlier this year he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

During a recent checkup, Dr. Woody Fritz in Birmingham, Alabama, noticed an elevated level of a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in a routine blood test. He referred Owen to Dr. Ronald Wheeler, M.D., a world expert in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and medical director of the Diagnostic Center for Disease in Sarasota, Florida. Owen chose the HIFU procedure as his form of cancer treatment which was performed by Dr. Wheeler the beginning of May and has been deemed a complete success.

“After my routine six-month physical, I was referred by Dr. Fritz to Dr. Wheeler, and I feel very good and positive about my future,” said Owen. I look forward to seeing the fans and doing what I do.”

“Randy did everything right by having his PSA checked regularly, avoiding random biopsy, and educating himself about his treatment options,” said Dr. Wheeler. ”He has set an example all men should follow to beat prostate cancer and live an excellent quality of life.”

Dr. Fritz went on to say, “we are happy with the successful outcome of the treatment. Randy is doing great and is just about fully recovered.”

As the front man for Alabama, Owen racked up sales of over 73 million albums, which includes 21 gold, platinum and multi-platinum certifications, 42 number one singles and a mantle loaded with over 150 industry awards. Owen released his debut solo album, One On One, and his memoir, Born Country, in November, 2008. He will be tending to his cattle business in Ft. Payne, Alabama through the summer and is planning on resuming touring in mid-September.

Musician of Alabama Randy Owen Prostate Cancer Results PSA

October 13th, Sarasota, Florida- The Diagnostic Center For Disease and Medical Director Dr. Ronald Wheeler are pleased to report that singer/songwriter/entertainer Randy Owen has received a PSA result of 0.1 on his 3-month follow-up after his HIFU treatment for prostate cancer in May. A PSA result of a 0.1 is the best case scenario for cases such as Randy’s who has maintained a lifestyle of healthy eating, exercising, and positive attitude while remaining cancer-free.