Patient Stories - Michael St. Clair

I highly recommend all men with an elevated PSA number or prostate cancer not to panic but call Dr. Ronald Wheeler. As for my situation, I had an elevated PSA number in April of 2011. My primary doctor sent me to a Urologist who (right away) wanted to do a needle biopsy and surgery. These are two things I did not want to do. I saw the Urologist 4 times and in August 2012 came within one day of having a needle biopsy done. I went on-line and found Dr. Wheeler and knew immediately I had found the right doctor and treatment I had been looking for!

My companion and I went to Sarasota, Florida in October 2013 and met Dr. Wheeler and his very cordial staff. I have never had a doctor talk to me for over an hour and a half about anything. In this case, Dr. Wheeler examined me and talked about prostate issues and treatment options. While in Sarasota, Dr. Wheeler sent me to have a 3.0 T prostate specific MRI scan performed. With this scan, he and the Radiologist were able to tell me I had a very high likelihood of prostate cancer without the dreaded needle biopsy. In January, 2014 my companion and I went to Cancun, Mexico and had the PanAm HIFU treatment. The hotel accommodations were wonderful and the treatment went well. I was amazed being able to walk around the hotel the next day and only needed an Advil for slight pain. Upon returning home, my recovery was easier than I expected.

I am grateful for Dr. Wheeler and his staff! Thank you for the excellent care I received!!


Michael St. Clair