Patient Stories - Brenda Piper

My husband had HIFU with Dr. Wheeler in Cancun on Dec. 1, 2012 and we found Dr. Wheeler and his team to be extremely professional and competent. We are 100% satisfied (so far) and would highly recommend Dr. Wheeler to anyone who meets the criteria of being a good HIFU candidate. I will be happy to share photographs and details of our HIFU experience. My husband is healing well and hasn't had any unusual problems during the healing process. At this point (25 days later) his bladder is functioning like it did before the procedure, with the exception of an occasional "dribble" when he coughs or laughs. In the area of erectile function, he is making steady progress using Dr. Wheeler's recommendations of Cialis Daily and "exercising" with the pump. He is able to achieve erections and his orgasms are getting stronger. Dr. Wheeler told us that it would take some time and advised us to be patient, so we knew what to expect. We assume that the prostate cancer is gone, but It is too early to know for sure. We will be having regular PSA tests and watching the numbers carefully to gauge the success of the procedure.

Cancun was wonderful. We felt totally safe and were treated like royalty/family by everyone...from the friendly HIFU drivers to the waiters and nurses. Dr. Wheeler himself was friendly, caring, conscientious and encouraged us to ask questions (which he answered thoroughly, using drawings and examples). The accommodations were unbelievably amazing and beautiful. To our surprise, it turned out to be a vacation of a a day in the hospital. "Friend" me on Facebook (Brenda Cordray Piper) and you can see the pictures plus my daily description of what we were experiencing both before and after the procedure.


Brenda Piper