Patient Stories - Bill W.

I’m writing this letter with gratitude to you for treating my prostate cancer.

I found you thru a medical journal I subscribe to which did a report on your MRI-S scan procedure.  At the time I was searching for an alternative to the standard testing and treatments that are routinely available.  None of these were acceptable to me because of their invasiveness and negative side effects.

After meeting you and gaining an understanding of the services you are able to perform for men with prostate cancer, I knew I had found the doctor I was looking for.  These included all the different hormone treatments, active watchful waiting with diet and natural supplements, non tracking needle biopsy and HIFU.  After I recognized all your extensive urology knowledge, your unique techniques of addressing prostate issues and your willingness to answer all my questions, I knew I had found the right doctor for me.

Sixty days post HIFU treatment, my PSA was 0.05 and ninety days out it was 0.00.  Except for some moderate issues with the catheter which caused me pain on urination and excessive bleeding in the urine, my entire HIFU treatment went well.

Also, the time you spent with me at the hospital in pre-op and the time spent with my wife post procedure explaining how everything went during my procedure was very much appreciated.

Once again Dr. Wheeler, my wife and I thank you and your staff for delivering everything you promised.


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Bill W.